Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.
Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.
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here it’s december every day

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Primatech Challenge » Favourite Character(s) of Season 1: Mr Muggles

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‘Heroes’ Alum Jack Coleman Set For NBC’s ‘Heroes Reborn’ Miniseries

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1.9: Homecoming→ Basic Colours

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heroes + red

for catastrophic-casanovaxox

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"I guess… We call the artist again."

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You know I’ve been thinking. After we save the world, I may go on patrol. You know, jumping in front of bullets, dragging people out of burning buildings…

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Heroes Meme: Three Locations (2/3)

↳ Niki’s Lounge

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TV Show Meme | [1/5] Male Characters -> Ando Masahashi

"I wish… destiny would lose our number."

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Hiro/Ando + Volume 5

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the life of Nathan Petrelli: a one-image summary.

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